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These are all natural candles and soaps made from soy and natural oils.

Available scents:
Vanilla Mint
Lemon Coconut
Mango Papya
Pumpkin Spice
Sweet Pea
Baby Powder
Downey Fresh
Cool Water (mens cologne scent)
Cool Citrus and Basil
Lily of the Valley
Chocolate Hazelnut Cappucinno

Available Colors:
Royal Blue

If you would like to order please email us your name and order to:
We will return your email with payment options and your total!

Small Heart Soaps - 3 pak for $4.00
Baby Duck Soaps - 2 pak for $4.00


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

WTG girls! I am loving these great items and great prices! And more so, I am loving your wonderful hearts!

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Wow I am SO impressed! I have an idea, how about tulip shaped soaps in the ds colors of blue and yellow?? Like one of each in a packet?

I am so very proud of you girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow ladies! I love Kitty idea about the tulips! I will be sending in my order very soon....

mom2noah said...

Wonderful idea,I'm planning my sister's baby shower and would love to use for gifts. I'll know at the end of the month boy or girl, which will determine color ( of course). I will add this link on my blog as well. Terry ( Noah's Mom)

Christina said...

That is SO awesome!

Kacey Bode said...

You girls have brought a tear to my eyes!! This is such a great idea, I am going to forward this site to everyone I know!!! I will for sure be ordering some soap and candles from you as soon as we move. (we are moving from Texas to Washington in one week.)

Megan's got 47 said...

so very proud of you guys! What an extraordinary accomplishment!
I will post your site on my blog and forward it to my local DS group!

Michelle said...

You are both awesome! I love the idea about the baby shower gifts. I planning my sister's shower for later next month. I'll place my order soon too!